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Alana Dawn – What You’re Doing Wrong When Applying Fake Lashes

Makeup Artist and lash maven Alana Dawn breaks it down – what you’re doing wrong and what you need to do to successfully apply natural-looking lashes. Alana says the most difficult part is the angle we are applying them in. Follow her easy step-by-step method below.

Alana Dawn skindinavia


Biggest mistakes:

1. Applying too much glue on your lash strip (too much glue will result in the lashes not drying)

2. Not trimming lash strip to your eye shape


Essential step-by-step to perfectly apply lashes:

1. Choose natural looking lashes, Alana’s choice: Ardell demi wispies

2. Measure lash strip to shape and length of your eye

3. Line your eyes with eyeliner before you apply lashes, that way if you mess up you won’t see your skin

4. Lay lashes on lid then attach sides. Press lashes to lids to ensure they’re attached

5. Finally, hide strip with black gel eyeliner

Voila! Few coats of your favorite mascara and you’ll be batting your flawless lashes all day and night.

Watch Alana’s “How to Apply Fake Lashes” tutorial on YouTube. You can also follow her on Twitter and Instagram.
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