womens health 5 big makeup mistakes your making

7 Makeup Mistakes You’re Making – Women’s Health

Essence Magazine Beauty Awards 2014: SKINDINAVIA Voted “Best Makeup...

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Face Mists: The Summer Skin Saviors You Need Now – Total Beauty

Erica Smith Talking About Face Mists with Total Beauty

If your makeup won’t stop melting down your face Summer isn’t just free movies in the park season. It’s also the official makeup meltdown season. Put an end to sticky foundation and runny mascara with Skindinavia The Makeup Primer Spray, $35. This lightweight, silicone-free mist creates a breathable barrier between your skin and your makeup to prevent slippery products from running down your face. Close your eyes and spray over your entire face or spritz the formula on your eyeshadows, mascaras, brows and brushes to make sure sweat and oil don’t cause your hard work to slip… see the entire slide show

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